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Pet Oxygen Mask Kits

Losing a pet due to a fire or toxic fumes can be a devastating experience.

Fires are reported every 73 seconds. An estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by fires. 40,000 pets die each year, mostly from smoke inhalation.

Unlike humans who run out during fires, pets instinctively hide inside to protect themselves. Far too many pets die every year of smoke asphyxiation. First responders are often not able to revive them unless they have Pet Oxygen Masks.

Pet Oxygen Masks are coned shaped with a rubber seal at the base to allow a snug fit. This is important because it forces the mouth shut to deliver air directly into the nostrils. Offering a continuous and accurate direct flow of pure oxygen. This makes recovery quicker and more effective.

These specially designed animal masks can be used on conscious pets suffering from smoke inhalation and pets that need to be resuscitated after losing consciousness from exposure to toxic fumes.

Most first responder agencies (fire, rescue, EMT) are not permitted to purchase equipment that is not for use on humans. Many agencies have budget restrictions that prohibit buying these masks kits. If the equipment is not on the vehicle, the first responders can’t use it.

Pet Oxygen Mask Kits
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First responder agencies need multiple kits; typically one per vehicle

Join Project Paws Alive in our mission to provide all first responder agencies with these life saving Pet Oxygen Recovery Mask Kits.

We rely solely on donations to provide these kits.


Pet Oxygen Mask Kits


“The York City (PA) Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire. Crews arrived on the scene to find heavy fire showing from two homes and rapidly spreading. Crews found the occupant who advised everyone was out but his two dogs were still inside.

As crews worked to extinguish the fire, they also searched for and found two Chihuahuas inside the home. The dogs were removed, one appeared to be alright and the other was in sever distress. The dog was limp and barley breathing. Crews grabbed the pet resuscitation mask from Engine 99-2 and along with crews from White Rose Ambulance administrated high flow oxygen. After approximately 10 minutes of care, the dogs started to respond.

Both dogs were transported to a local emergency veterinarian. Both dogs have fully recovered and have been reunited with the owner”. – Chief David Michaels

Incident Photos:

Picture credits: Department of Fire/Rescue Services City of York, D. Weissman York Dispatch, Ted Czech – Daily Record/Sunday News
Pet Oxygen Mask Kits
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