Project Paws Alive (PPA K9) Helps police, military & law enforcement agencies with K9 units around the USA

Your donation allow us to provide all the equipment needed to saves the lives of the K9 dogs
who work side by side with our law enforcement and military to protect us all.

Help Us Serve Those Who Serve & Protect Us

A Gift to Project Paws Alive (PPA K9) the Goes Far

Our focus is on quality not quantity. We do not provide cheaper equipment items to boost our numbers. We provide K9 Units with the best available protective equipment regardless of cost. We work closely with each K9 unit to ensure they are getting the equipment their K9s need and will actually use. Not all K9s have the same the tactical purpose nor are they all the same size, therefore they often need different and/or custom equipment. When lives are at stake protection levels matter and that means paying for better quality equipment.
Project Paws Alive is the only non-profit providing K9 equipment to first responder agencies and the military that has an active Equipment Advisory Board composed of current and active-duty law enforcement, fire, search & rescue, and Military K9 handlers as well as public safety directors and veterinarians.
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